UPDATE 14.11.2011: I have recently graduated as Designer-Stylist and now I am continuing my education with Marketing and Purchasing Studies in Apparel & Fashion Business in Aalto University Professional Development Center. Take a look at my thesis collection!

In 2007, the autumn winds blew over the desktop, the graphic designers papers flew along the breadth of the city streets. Storm winds brought new career challenge and gave the opportunity to study again.

A start of a new journey, along the edge of the forest and towards the lake shore, towards the rural peace, towards the dream to study fashion design secrets!

In the middle of nature acquired new career, a stronger intuition and creativity! With added bonus of international encounters, competition success and a great co-partners.

Now "conquering the world" without forgetting what have you learned in the past and constantly learning something new!

Change your life, joyfully recommending it
! ♥Noora-Maria